Summary Message

At Watson Behavioral Health Inc. you can find a skilled, experienced therapist who has helped clients just like you build richer more rewarding lives. All our therapists hold degrees in either psychology and/or social work.
Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, your counselor will help you identify and use tactical coping skills rather in our office or in your home,
that will benefit everyday life stressors. 
We accept some insurance plans, and provide fee-for services on a sliding
scale fee which can vary per client. You can review our services below or Call
770-984-5340 ext 1 for details or to
book an appointment.

Our Services at a Glance

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    Individual Counseling
    An opportunity to receive support and experience growth during a challenging time in your life. Counseling can be effective in helping a person deal with personal issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage, relationship challenges, parenting issues, school difficulties and career changes.
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    Family Counseling
    Family counseling can take a variety of forms. Sometimes it is best to see an entire family together for a few sessions. At other times it may be better to see children and their parents separately. Whatever the format, the goal of family counseling is to identify the dynamics that cause problems and to institute changes in the structure or style of how the family operates.
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    Psychological Testing
    Led by Dr. Donna Gardner and our team of psychometrist we seek to take the information gathered from our psychological assessment and weave it into a comprehensive and complete picture of the person being tested for the purposes of diagnostic impressions and recommendations for treatment.
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    Anger Management
    Anger-Management is designed to help those struggling with anger learn other coping mechanisms to express their feelings. The 8-12 sessions will focus on learning how to identify and manage anger triggers, restructuring thought processes that contribute to anger outbursts, developing alternatives for expressing anger, and discovering how the past can influence present behavior.
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    Community Program
    WBH's Outpatient Services assist individuals and families through a collaborative process between client and therapist, the specific needs of each client are carefully considered and treatment goals are identified. Therapists focus on the gifts/strengths of each client. Treatment interventions often target difficulties related to anxiety, depression, socialization, confidence, and self esteem.
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    Trauma Assessments
    Trauma assessment is a more in-depth exploration of the nature and severity of the traumatic events, the sequel of those events, and current trauma-related symptoms. A series of testing measures are used to complete this assessment including the CANS assessment tool.
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    Substance Abuse Assessments
    Screening is a preliminary evaluation that attempts to determine whether key features of drug abuse are present in an individual. Screening indicates whether the problem of drug abuse is likely to be present. Assessment is a thorough evaluation designed to definitively establish the presence or absence of a alcohol problems.
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    Developmental Assessments
    A developmental assessment is a process designed to deepen understanding of a child's competencies and resources, and of the caregiving and learning environments most likely to help a child make fullest use of his or her developmental potential.
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    Psycho-Social Assessments
    A psychosocial assessment is an evaluation of an individuals mental health and social well being. It assesses the perception of self and the individuals ability to function in the community.
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    Community Outreach
    Conducting local public awareness activities through targeted community interaction. It All Adds Up to Mental Health Awareness and positive outreach activities directly affect the behavior of the driving public through local interaction.
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    Couples Counseling
    Often when couples are not able to work through there differences couples counseling is an option. When conflicts remain unresolved and frustration mounts, couples counseling can be of help worth through the downs of a marriage or relationship. Through verbalizing their expectations of one another, defining and clarifying their wants and preferences, and working through the everyday problems.